Innovative Policy Forms and Endorsements

Coverage available by Endorsements

Lancet offers an array of additional coverage through individual endorsements. These endorsements include: Extended Reporting, Tail Only Coverage, Broadcasters Liability, Expert Witness, Terminated Physicians, Pre-funded Tail, Externship Programs, Moonlighting Coverage, Rolling Retro Date, Medical Directorship, Medical Spas and Nursing Home Directorship.

Multiyear ROP

Lancet is proud to provide our loyal members with a 36 month long contract with flexible policy options. This policy will be a 3 year blended rate with the ability to recapture up to 15% of premiums at maturity. This requires a claims free record throughout the term of the contract. The policyholder will have the option at the end of the 36 months to use the 15% credit toward the next year’s premium or take a 10% cash credit.

Lancet’s “Indemnity Only” Policy

Lancet is leading the industry with the creation of our indemnity only insurance program. Many physicians who have chosen to go without insurance coverage for years are being pressured by hospitals to get coverage or lose privileges. We have created this unique program that allows physicians to get coverage that will protect them from liability verdicts against them but does not supply defense costs. Each indemnity only policyholder is required to carry a defense cost only policy from one of our approved law firms.

National Programs Available

Lancet has unique programs for the following groups: Medical Student, Female Practitioners, Cruise Ship Physicians, Air Evacuation Physicians and Hispanic Physicians.