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Lancet Indemnity is an insurance carrier founded, directed and owned by its physicians. We understand the always evolving medical environment because we are experiencing those same changes. Our goal is to make it simple to qualify for coverage and provide the most comprehensive insurance for each and every one of our policyholders.

Medical Liability Coverage for Physicians and Surgeons

Lancet provides traditional medical professional liability insurance for physicians and surgeons. We persistently defend, protect and incentivize the practice of good medical care. We provide this by using only the best national defense attorneys that specialize in medical malpractice. We understand that our members’ names and reputations are their source of livelihood and that is why we put their best interest first.

Our medical liability program insures over 3500 physicians and surgeons in the 20 states in which we actively write business. Our program offers standard features that many policyholders have become accustomed to paying extra for. This includes E-Med Defense, Administrative Action Defense, Voluntary Medical Payments and Death, Disability and Retirement Tails.

Standard Policy Features – Lancet’s standard policy includes many features to confront the unexpected realities of today’s world, providing peace of mind no matter the situation.

E-Med Defense – Almost every aspect of today’s medical environment has shifted quickly to be surrounded by technology. This is why, now more than ever, it is important to be protected from cyber losses just as it is to be protected from liability losses. Lancet is proud to offer protection from a wide range of cyber losses in every one of our standard policies.

Coverage for Groups, Captives and/or Associations

Lancet offers innovative coverage for groups, associations and/or captives. No matter the size of the group, Lancet will create a custom plan to fit your needs. Groups have the ability to become a partial risk bearer with a per claim and aggregate exposure capped at a desired level of tolerance. This is a perfect fit for groups interested in self insuring and receiving yearly dividends.

Flexible Coverage for Non-Traditional Risks

Lancet is ahead of the game when it comes to non-traditional risks. Our underwriting department looks at every case and develops a unique policy with terms we can offer, rather than denying coverage like other carriers. We are willing to offer coverage that pertains to physicians who have been cancelled, non-renewed or surcharged. Providing the insured has no claims for the next 3 years with Lancet, the insured automatically becomes eligible for Lancet’s standard policy.

Innovative Policy Forms and Endorsements

Lancet prides itself in creating unique policy forms that meet our members’ needs. We are one of the first carriers in the state of Florida to offer an “Indemnity Only” policy, “Multiyear ROP”, and many other national programs. We also have a variety of endorsements that can be added to any policy form.

View our innovative policy forms and endorsements

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