Lancet Indemnity Lancet Indemnity Lancet Indemnity

The Receivership Court has approved a process for filing claims against Lancet and has established April 1, 2021, as the Claims Filing Deadline for the submission of such claims.

All claims against Lancet will be handled as claims against the Lancet receivership estate and must be submitted on the approved Proof of Claim Form.  Please read, and follow the instructions within, the Receivership Claims and Appeals Procedure below to submit your Proof of Claim.


Proof of Claim Form



Receivership Claims and Appeal Procedure



Appeal Form




















































The Permanent Receivership Order mandates that “all evidences of coverage, insurance policies and contracts of insurance of LANCET are hereby terminated effective on April 30, 2019, unless the Receiver determines that any such contracts should be cancelled as of an earlier date.” The Receiver has decided, upon review of all the applicable facts and circumstances, that Lancet’s in-force insurance policies are to be canceled effective on the earlier of April 30, 2019, or the date when the insured ceased making premium payments to Lancet (and insurance coverage on active policies is provided through April 30, 2019, provided that premiums are paid by insureds to the Company through such date).